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Sustainable green oak timber framing

We practice sustainable green oak timber framing for environmentally friendly buildings. The environmental impact of different building materials can be assessed in terms of their “embodied energy,” which is the amount of energy required to process and supply them to the construction site. Our sustainable green oak rates among the very lowest in the building industry; it is not subjected to any industrial drying treatment, and no preservatives are applied to it during the build process.

As well as having immense structural strength while also being surprisingly easy to work (considering), sustainable green oak has a natural resistance to rot and insect attack. And aside from these practical considerations, sustainable green oak is also beautiful.

Most of the sustainable green oak wood used by Merry Oak Timberworks is purchased from sawmills in Normandy, France, which are supplied by sustainably managed plantations. Felled trees are replaced under a programme of continual replanting. The trees are grown specifically for use in timber frame construction, with pruning to promote straightness of grain and reduce knots, in order to to provide ideal material for oak timber frames. However, Merry Oak Timberworks can also meet customers’ requests for use of native British sustainable green oak, and we have even used sustainable green oak trees grown in customers’ gardens.

Unlike many companies, we use naturally occurring curved sections of wood where these are required by the frame design. We inform our suppliers of the degree of deflection and they will generally be able to provide sustainable green oak which meets the specification. Doing this not only utilises the natural strength of the grain, it also saves bent trees which would be otherwise unusable.

Merry Oak Timberworks has a keen interest in sustainable green oak buildings that do not merely meet energy efficiency and structural regulation requirements, but far exceed them.