How we work

Traditional timber frame construction is based around mortis and tenon joinery secured by oak pegs. Each joint is hand-cut using a variety of hand and power tools. The connected faces are skilfully scribed to one another, creating a tight joint. The large timbers used in timber framing possess natural twists and bends. There are many techniques used to compensate for these irregularities in order to create an accurate and refined structure. Our craftsmen will examine the natural properties of individual timbers in order to assess the suitability of each piece in relation to positioning within the frame. Contemporary and modern timber engineered frames may include stainless steel joinery and metal plate details. Merry Oak Timberworks is equipped with the knowledge and machinery to execute both frame types.

What we build

Our expertise enables us to work on a variety of timber framing projects ranging from carports and gazebos to whole house builds and swimming pool enclosures, as well as larger developments such as farm shops and barns. A small selection of past work can be seen in our timber buildings portfolio.

Services Offered

  • Planning applications & process management
  • Timber frame design
  • Engineering calculations
  • Frame construction
  • Glazing
  • Site carpentry (rafters, roofs, stud walls, cladding, etc.)
  • Project management